In 2005, Brandi Webb, made her first debut as playwright, producer and director for her very own off-Broadway stage play, "Yet to Evolve” in Times Square, NYC . The play caught a lot of attention and press and was covered on the Bronx 12 News. Due to the success of “Yet To Evolve,” Brandi launched a theatre and film company named after the play.

Brandi Webb has been producing and directing for 13 years. As a producer, Brandi Webb is best recognized for her ability to attain the seemingly unattainable. With an ambitious nature and an outside of the box mentality, she specializes in getting a production whatever it needs regardless of how challenging the task is. Ms. Webb's production tasks are completed quickly, yet efficiently and her professional manner holds her in an organized and reliable light. As a director, Brandi Webb is best known for having a good visual eye, which allows her to be great with blocking, camera shots/angles, and casting. She is exceptionally able to analyze and see what's necessary for bringing a vision to life and capturing it on stage/camera.    

For Ms. Webb, professionalism is everything. The on set experience she gained as an actor from childhood, taught her common industry ethics such as, "the show must go on," "Never be late or absent,"  "be prepared/ off book," and "respect your director," have manifested into Brandi Webb's producing and directing career.  Ms. Webb believes professionalism sets the tone for how a production will turn out.

Brandi Webb earned her Bachelors Degree in Theatre Arts and Communication from Clark Atlanta University, and her Associates in Theatre Arts from Borough Manhattan Community College.


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